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Haylage is a specialist area for N P Davies. Grass is grown specifically for haylage to ensure good quality.


Haylage is an advantageous replacement for hay and should be considered by all horse owners. Haylage is a semi wilted grass that is baled and sealed using plastic to produce a quality feed.


Respiratory problems such as COPD, SPAOD and RAOD result from mould spores becoming airborne from hay fed to horses. Haylage does not contain these mould spores that can often cause or aggravate respiratory problems in horses.


Haylage does not need to be soaked in water. Haylage has a high nutritional value so less supplementary hard feed should be required. The storage of haylage is flexible because the bale is sealed therefore can be kept outside. Rodents should be monitored to make sure no damage is made to any bales. Haylage is a more palatable and enjoyable feed for a horse which should result in a reduced feed wastage.


Haylage will cost more per bale, but this should not put off potential customers. Haylage has an increased nutritional value, therefore the volume of haylage required for a horses daily roughage is lower than that of hay. The exact quantity of haylage required per day per horse will vary on the breed of horse, what the horse is used for and the type of haylage purchased. A change from hay to haylage should always be gradual so it is not a shock to the horses system.


With the cost of hard feeds ever increasing it may make financial sense for you to feed better quality haylage and reduce the hard feed cost. N P Davies produce a range of haylage qualities suitable for all horses, 1st and 2nd year rye grass, 1st and 2nd year coxfoot and timothy and different types of meadow haylage. All bales are sealed with 8 layers of wrap to ensure consistent quality.


Several different types of haylage are for sale from N P Davies, please contact with your requirements, delivery nationwide is available.